Political leaders have outed the changelings as monstrous creatures hiding in human skin, spreading information on how to hunt them as they spread fear across the nation. More iron is brought into the city to ward against them and people who are suspected to be changelings are subjected to iron doses. The result of this tension has created a rift between mortals and changelings, with a lot of humans who have turned their backs to their changeling relatives, friends or neighbours, some even turning them over to the police for “testing”. But not all humans are enemies to the Changelings. There are mortals who work with the Changelings, trying to end the persecution against them however they too are at risk as those who work with the changelings are called “monster sympathizers”. These “monster sympathizers” are to be arrested where they are taken in for interrogation before being either killed or thrown into the hedge ( “if you love them so much you can join them” ) where most ultimately die if not taken first. For whatever reason it may be whether its family, job, connections or otherwise, your character is one of the changelings still remaining in the city.

There are two options now, either those remaining can try to fix what’s here or they can pack up and find somewhere new. Are the changelings willing to let go and find somewhere new? Are there any allies (mortal or otherwise) willing go with? A freehold isn’t a place but a group of people together. Will they fight or try to find a new home?

CtL: I

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